The Jesuit staff at Dhyan Ashram

Dhyan Ashram Jesuit Community is one of the largest in the province.  Most of the members are our young Juniors, immediately after their first profession.  A seniors community of eight Jesuits cater to the different ministries of the house.  All belong to the Calcutta Province.

Dhyan Ashram Kolkata
Fr Sunny Kunnel, SJ

Rector of the Jesuit Community of Dhyan Ashram.  Fr Sunny is from Kerala, and has a Doctoral degree in Biblical Theology.  He is a much sought after retreat director and Theology professor.  Fr Sunny is also the Province Coordinator for Formation for Calcutta Province.

Fr Arulappan, SJ

Minister of the Dhyan Ashram community and Assistant Director of the Retreat House.  Fr Arulappan is from Tamil Nadu. He has a Master's degree in Electronics and has been the minister at St Xavier's College and the administrator of St Xavier's University, Kolkata.

Dhyan Ashram Kolkata

Fr Sajeev Painunkal, SJ

Director of Novices.  Fr Sajeev hails from Kerala and has a Masters degree in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University, Chicago.  He has been involved in Jesuit formation and Retreat and Counseling ministries for several years.

Fr I. Vincent Patrick, SJ

Dean of studies of the Juniorate.  Fr Patrick is from Tamil Nadu, and has a Masters degree in teaching English as a foreign language from London. Before this he was the Principal of St Xavier's School, Durgapur.

Fr George Ponodath, SJ

Director of the Retreat House. Fr George was born in Kerala, specialized in communication by doing a Masters in Film and Television at London University, and spent almost a quarter of a century working at EMRC, Kolkata. Now he is actively involved in retreat ministry and has authored a book, “Cave of Plenty”. 

Dhyan Ashram Kolkata
Fr Pierre Jacob, SJ

Spiritual Father of the Juniors.  Fr Pierre is from Belgium, and has been living in India for the last 45 years as a Calcutta Jesuit.  He has been involved in Jesuit formation from the Novitiate till the tertianship.  He is also a much sought after retreat and spiritual director.

Dhyan Ashram Kolkata
Fr Jinesh Sebastian, SJ

Socius (assistant) to the Director of Novices and administrator of Dhyan Ashram campus.  Fr Jinesh hails from Kerala.  He joined the Society of Jesus after completing his degree studies.  Later he obtained a Master's degree from Loyola College, Chennai.

manish. pic.jpg
Sch Manish Tigga, SJ

Teacher and minister in the Juniorate.  Scholastic Manish is a young Jesuit in formation. He hails from Chhattisgarh and has just completed a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy from Jnana Deepa (JD), Institute for Philosophy and Theology (Pontifical Athenaeum), Pune.