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The Jesuit Juniorate became a part of Dhyan Ashram in 1985.  From then it has been running more or less regularly.  It was housed at Arpan till 1999 and then shifted to Bairagi and Chinmayi blocks (where the Novitiate used to be).  It was soon time to replace these old buildings.  So a new and bigger building was constructed for the Juniorate in 2005, named Sandipan.  But by then the bigger need was catering to the many who come for retreats and seminars.  Because of this, Sandipan became the retreat house and the Juniorate continued in the old blocks.  When the work for the new retreat house, Jayanti, started, the Juniorate was shifted to Sandipan, in 2009.  It is spacious enough to house twenty Juniors and is equipped with a beautiful chapel, a well furnished and computerised language lab and other facilities.

At present (2019-20), there are sixteen Juniors at Dhyan Ashram Juniorate, who belong to six provinces and regions.  They have an intense ten months training on languages, humanities and other skills.  In the Juniorate, the young Jesuits are trained to face the world as they move on to begin their academic life.

To read more about their life in the Juniorate, visit their blog here:

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