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Dhyan Ashram Novitiate

The novices for the Calcutta province were sent to Sitagarha, Patna etc till the novitiate was started at Dhyan Ashram in 1975.  Till 1999 the novices were staying at Bairagi and Chinmayi blocks (which are no more) and then the novitiate was shifted to its present building named Arpan (which till then housed the Juniorate).

Our novices come from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds.  At present (2022-23), we have sixteen novices who come from Bengal, Jharkhand, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Eight of them are in the second year and Eight are in the first year. Six are for Chennai Province, Five for Madurai Province, Four for Dumka-Raiganj Province and One is for Calcutta Province. 

Novices 19-20s.JPG
Dhyan Ashram Kolkata

Novitiate is the second stage of Jesuit formation (after the year of pre-Novitiate). During the two years of Novitiate, the young men in formation grow in understanding and love of the Society of Jesus.  The training includes weekly ministries to homes of compassion and to local parish sub-stations in the neighbouring villages.

Read more about the happenings in the Novitiate and also reflections by our novices, visit our Novitiate  blog:

To know more about Jesuit formation in India, we will redirect you here to the officla website of the Calcutta Jesuits.

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